Season 1

In Which our Main Characters are Introduced and a Frog Prince is in Desperate Need of Rescue

Episode 1

In Which Saffron Acquires New Responsibility and Our Heroes Have Kebab for Lunch

Episode 2

In Which Our Heroes Arrange a Rendezvous and a Titaness Objects to Being Given A Cutesy Nickname

Episode 3

In Which the Titaness Confronts the Mermaids and Saffron Does Karaoke

Episode 4

In Which a Sinister Voice Makes Demands and a Wishing Star Takes Shipping Too Far

Episode 5

In Which Tristan Tries to Save the Frog Prince and Peri Makes a Joke That No One Understands

Episode 6

In Which Our Story is Concluded and Peri's Credit Card Bill Grows


Season 1 Bonus Content


Bonus Episode 1

In Which Our Heroes Go Through Some Business Cards
Essa, the voice of Keyes, does a spectacularly creepy reading of the poem in the video below: