Saffron and Peri is a fantasy comedy audio drama podcast that’s part classic fantasy and part office comedy. It follows Saffron, a fairy godmother extraordinaire (at least that’s how she describes herself) and Peri, a know-it-all djinnia who works in the Magic Support Department. 


Saffron and Peri is created by duo Jenan Al-Dayyen and Sara J. Nelson. 

Jenan, who plays Peri, writes it.

Sara, who plays Saffron, puts it together.

Chris, who plays Tristan, drew our lovely banner.

Who Can Listen? 

We attempt to keep our content friendly for all ages, but if you have children, we recommend you give it a listen yourself first.

There is no strong language, and while there is a bit of violence, it tends to be on the cartoony side.

Where to Listen

You can listen to Saffron and Peri in any way you like to listen to podcasts!

Her's a few of the places we can be found: 

Update Schedule

Saffron and Peri updates every other Saturday, with short hiatuses between seasons. 


This show is so nice and reminds me of the children’s lit I love to rest when I have free time. It’s so carefree yet detailed, and combines character types from a variety of mythos to create a truly unique story. I’m always delighted by new updates and the framing device of a call center is so clever! Well done

- iTunes reviewer OswinTheHuman

Saffron and Peri channels something like The Phantom Tollbooth. It feels modern, but also fantastic and magical. There's this constant sense of whimsy and fun that sets it apart from a lot of audio dramas out there.

- iTunes reviewer CTFlick

Saffron and Peri is a charming AD podcast with beautifully voiced characters and an impossibly lovely production team. Stellar (lol) writing and brilliant direction from Jenan and Sara will have you thinking about Saffron and Peri when you're going about your daily life, dissecting frogs or getting unexpected phonecalls from strangers, or even just when you hear a certain ringtone

- iTunes reviewer IIndigo Blue

Can't recommend this show enough if you're looking for fun, unique fantasy!

- twitter user @MHoKCPodcast

I keep forgetting how much I love fantasy but listening to @SaffronAndPeri brings me back to my roots

- twitter user @oneclumsydragon

The first season was super fun and then the second season built on it greatly and the third season looks spectacular so far! If you love fun and funny fairy tales, youll love this podcast!!!

- twitter user @AchithaSang

A fantasy audio drama with so much charm, we almost think it put a spell on us. It’s diverse, fast-paced, and one of the cutest dang things we’ve listened to so far. We can’t wait to hear more!

- twitter user @mbdpod