Season 2

In Which Tristan is on Trial in Wonderland and Some Mischievous Goblins Are up to No Good

Episode 7

In which Tristan goes on a Field Trip and The Academy Gains a New Faculty Member

Episode 8

In which Themis Takes on a New Case and Saffron Discusses her Workout Schedule

Episode 9

In Which Tristan Takes the Stand and Tarts are Confiscated

Episode 10

In Which the Jury Gives its Verdict and a Master Librarian is Consulted

Episode 11

In which The Trial By Combat Begins and Gargoyles Object to Getting Their Ears Pierced

Episode 12

In Which The Trial Arch is Concluded and Peri Gets Cookies


Season 2 Bonus Content


Bonus Episode 2: Halloween 2017

In Which Peri Receives a Tricky Trick-or-Treater

Bonus Episode 3: Holiday Special 2017

In Which Our Heroes Discuss Their Holiday Plans

Bonus Episode 4

In Which Saffron and Peri Go Through Some Applications in Verse