Episode 12 Cast

In Which The Trial Arch is Concluded and Peri Gets Cookies


Sara J. Nelson


Saffron - fairy - professional godmother working at the Good Company

"That’s a narrow-minded human concept. Old people are just as capable of being terrible as young people."

Smock - goblin - part of trouble-making goblin trio

"We felt their glares. The cold dark glarez. *brrrrr*"

Themis - Titan - a lawyer who works in the Good Company's legal department. 

"It doesn’t seem ethical to interfere with a foreign nation’s politics."

Jenan Al-Dayyen


Peri - djinn - a know-it-all who works as Magic Support at the good company

"I know, it’s so mean! And so cliched!"

Chris Vanderford


Tristan - human - a young man studying to be a professional fairy godparent

"This is terrible, we have to stop this."

Scoodie- goblin - part of trouble-making goblin trio

"Dark rocky angels came shwooping from the sky!"

Roderick - human - Tristan's older brother professional knight

"You’re going down, old man."


Mangal Preetham


The White Knight - the Queen's champion

"Well met, young knight. I look forward to a righteous battle."

Isobel Lavezzo


Manfred - human - a professional knight and master of disguise

"You have to get through me first!"

Lateefa Abel


Princess Vasilisa - human - a professor/princess

"Sorry students, but I prefer to be with books right now. You understand."



Lorina - human - a surprise witness at the trial

"When the godparenting company closed my request, I thought I’d never get you back!"

Claudette Nelson


Mrs. Scorchington - dragon - security at Guardian Industries

"When I was a young dragon, knights would go rescuing people, not robbing respectable businesses! It’s such a shame."

Essa Al-Dayyen


Satchet - goblin - part of trouble-making goblin trio

"Confession so good for soul!"

Queen of Hearts - card - monarch of Wonderland

"Then off with his head as well."