Episode 1 Cast

In Which Saffron Acquires New Responsibility and Our Heroes Have Kebab for Lunch


Sara J. Nelson


Saffron - fairy - professional godmother working at the Good Company

"Best Wish Granter, Hero Guider, and Villain Foiler. I’m a walking talking Deus Ex Machina."

Professor Holle - witch -  The head of the fairy godparenting department at the Academy

"I know, modern progressive thinking and all. You know we have to call it Fairy Godparenting now?"

Jenan Al-Dayyen


Peri - djinn - a know-it-all who works as  Magic Support at the good company

"Hello, this is the Magic Support Department. Peri speaking."

Chris Vanderford


Tristan - humana young man studying to be a professional fairy godparent

"She just threw a harpoon at me. I’m against violence. What do I do?"