Episode 21 Cast

In which a Rescue Mission Commences and Tristan Crochets a Poncho.


Sara J. Nelson


Saffron - fairy - professional godmother working at the Good Company

“Hey…. stop fooling around and start rescuing us, mmkay?”

Jenan Al-Dayyen


Peri - djinn - a know-it-all who works as Magic Support at the good company

“You look great too. Who was the idiot that said redheads can’t rock a pink dress?”

Rose Red - human - fairy god-parenting student and part time employee at Aesop’s Pet Shop

“Well geez, if only there was a non-magical way to communicate with people across great distances without having to physically cross that distance yourself.”

The Second Unicorn - unicorn - horned horse and self-appointed protector of all that is wholesome

“Leave us! Leave us now! Nowwwww!”

Chris Vanderford


Tristan - human - a young man studying to be a professional fairy godparent

“I- I’m so sorry to interrupt but, uh…”

Roderick - human - Tristan's older brother professional knight

“Tis I, Roderick of the Ravenwood, along with some godparenting students who came begging for our help.”

Isobel Lavezzo


Manfred/Fred - human - a professional knight and master of disguise

“Of course! I never deny help to anyone in need.”

J.R. Nelson


King Gunnar - human - King of the Land of Eternal Day

“Hey, will you like, you know, marry me and stuff?”

Mangal Preetham


The First Unicorn - yokai - the master librarian at The Academy

“We’ll decide who’s innocent!”

Lateefa Abel


Princess Vasilisa - human - a professor/princess

“Okay, let’s go over our plans again.”

Katrina Nelson


Nyneve - mermaid - former frog-napper and current god-parenting student at the Academy

“From hell’s heart I stabbeth thee”