Episode 6 Cast

In Which Our Story is Concluded and Peri's Credit Card Bill Grows


Sara J. Nelson


Saffron - fairy - professional godmother working at the Good Company

"Yeah, yeah, the times they are a changin'."

Mermaid Trio -  along with the rest of the Nelson sisters! 

"It’s just so sad!"

Jenan Al-Dayyen


Peri - djinn - a know-it-all who works as Magic Support at the good company

"Right! So there’s no reason why we can’t discuss our little problem like rational people."

Employee - human - a student who works part time at Aesop's Pet Store

"Hello, this is Aesop’s Pet Store."

Chris Vanderford


Prince Ivan - enchanted frog - a cursed prince who seeks aid from The Good Company


Lateefa Abel


Princess Vasilisa - human - a professor/princess

"This is Princess Vasilisa of Protista. Who may I ask is calling?"

Essa Al-Dayyen


Keyes - ????? - we think he's the PR guy??

"Don’t even think about it."