Episode 18 Cast

The End



Sara J. Nelson


Saffron - fairy - professional godmother working at the Good Company

"Peri, I WILL strangle you unless you shut up.

Meaghan Cassidy


Princess Polaris - Star Crossers character - Space Princess, and sister to Aurora

"Cooperate, and I will make this as painless as possible."

Mangal Preetham


Duke Edgar - Star Crossers character - Nefarious uncle to Princess Aurora

"You can’t prove anything!"

Jenan Al-Dayyen


Peri - djinn - a know-it-all who works as Magic Support at the good company

"Wait, ANOTHER costume change?"

Essa Al-Dayyen


The Narrator - Star Crossers character - The Voice that opens and closes for Star Crossers

"And now... Star Crossers!"

Chris Vanderford


Doctor Locus - Star Crossers character - a brilliant scientist with a Ph.D in creepy

"Everything you need to know is in the master database."

Krister Arnott


Princess Aurora - Star Crossers character - Space Princess, and the female lead in Star Crossers

"You once said that you would follow me into a supernova."

Cedric Reeve


Horizon - Star Crossers character - Cyborg, and the male lead in Star Crossers

"Aurora, my dearest, this could be yet another dead end!"

Beth Tancredi


Computer Voice - Star Crossers character - The computer A.I. on the ship that Aurora and Horizon fly

"You should take the course of action that will lead to your happiness, Princess."

Youlin Koh


Queen Nebula - Star Crossers character - Mother to Princess Aurora and Princess Polaris

"Step aside you fratricidal snake!"